Advanced Massage Course – Kamloops, BC


course dates:

April 03-07, 10-14, 17-21, 24-28, May 01-07, 08-12, 2017

Where: Jandana Ranch


Come into Kamloops on highway 1 (trans Canada)

Take Hwy #5 North (toward Jasper)

Turn right at the Husky station (3rd light) – Paul Lake Road

Drive for approx. 24 kms

You will drive into Pinanton Lake

Go 1km further, and turn left at the sign for Jandana Ranch

Drive all the way up the hill and the facility is at the top of the drive

We will be meeting at the barn

Please drive slowly on properties, as there are horses, people and usually dogs or cats at facilities. (thank you!)

Please feel free to visit their website at:

If you wish to bring your own horse to this course, you may. Please contact Janice or Dave via their web site or

directly to their e-mail at:

A change in diet can cause colic, so do please bring sufficient hay so it can always be mixed with Jandana’s hay.

Jandana’s Accommodations:

Cabins are available for rental – they each have kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room.

Here is the information from Janice regarding cabins:

Jandana Ranch Address:  3352 Pinantan Pritchard Road, Pinantan Lake BC. V0E 3E1 250-573-5800

Please! Do not use your GPS to try to find us unless you love a backwoods adventure.

Jandana’s e-mail: or


Paul Lake provincial Park is 6km away. They charge $15/night. (prices may change without notice)

Travelodge430 Columbia Street Rates: $70-108 1-800-578-7878 Pet Friendly
Thriftlodge2459 East Trans Canada Hwy.Rates: $48-60 1-250-374-2488
Econolodge775 Columbia St. East Rates: $52-77 1-800-589-1988
In compliance with PCTIA regulations and guidelines the course located at Jandana Ranch in Pinanton Lake, BChas been divided into multiple courses and are listed as following:

Introduction to massage:  39 hours  April 04-08

Prerequisite – on line homework

Advanced equine massage: 39 hours April 10-11, 13-15

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage

Safety and handling of the horse:  18 hours  April 16-17

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced massage

Vertebral Realignment:  39 hours   April 20-23

Prerequisite:  on line homework

April 24:  Business Acumen:  9 hours

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Vertebral Realignment

Saddle fit::  18 hours  April 27-29

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Safety and handling of the horse

Gait analysis:  18 hours:  April 29, 30, May 01

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Safety and handling of the horse, Saddle fit

Palpation and painting of skeleton and muscles:  18 hours   May 04-05

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Gait analysis, Saddle fit, Safety and Handling

Final test:  May 06:  Utilizing all components of each course offered, students are required to assess and work upon a horse based on the horse’s needs.

All courses must be completed in order to receive the certificate. 

No certificate will be issued for individual courses. 

All courses must be completed within a 12 month period for certification.

Deposits for all courses may be combined in one payment of:  $1250 with the remaining balance paid 2 weeks prior to the course start date (if paid via on line banking, Money order or cheque.  PayPal usage incurs fees – please see ‘course costs page’)

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