Massage Course – Regina, SK


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If you wish to bring your horse, please contact Sandy Assman at:



From Regina:


1. Take the #1 Highway EAST(Victoria Ave. E.) to Pilot Butte.

2. Turn LEFT when you see the sign ‘PILOT BUTTE’. Continue north for 4.0 km

3. After stopping at the stop sign at the #46 highway, go straight (North) .

4. You are now on Highway #624. Continue for 6.4 km. (The road will turn into gravel).

5. Turn RIGHT at the sign marked ‘CREEK ROAD’. Continue EAST for 3.7 km.

6. Turn LEFT at the huge cream-colored barn.

7. You are now at Ridequine.


Alternate route from Regina

1. From the NE end of Regina by the city landfill, Highway #46 runs EAST to ‘PILOT BUTTE’.

2. Turn LEFT (North) at the junction of Pilot Butte and Highway #624.

Then follow steps 4 to 7 above.



*There is also FRANKSLAKE ROAD (EAST) of Pilot Butte as another alternate route.

Take Highway #46 from the landfill as above.  When you reach Pilot Butte, continue straight for 5.0 kms further.  Turn left on Frankslake Road.  Drive 5.7 kms and turn left again on Creek Road.  Ridequine is 1 km, on your right. 

Please do not park on the grass – stay in the parking lot



Regina has many hotels/motels in the area.

Please visit the Regina Chamber of Commerce for a reputable accommodations


How do I sign up?

Go back to the home page, and select the “Application forms” tab.

The form is printer friendly! Just follow the directions on the application form.

There is also a waiver form that must be signed by all attendees.

How do I contact Sidonia?

Go back to the home page, and select the ” Contact” button.

Please feel free to visit the FAQ section next for many questions I have answered about the massage course!

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