Below, you will see two links to open the application form and the waiver/release forms. Both forms are required.  If you do not have a witness for the waiver or if this form is filled out incorrectly, you will need to fill out the form again at the course (no problem!) Please be sure to have your witness actually witness your signature, as the dates on the waiver must match please. Thank you!

The PayPal on line payment link is at the bottom of this page.  PayPal is the only credit card server available. 

There is no direct billing of credit cards available.

If you have made an on line payment, please print the waiver/release and the application form and mail to the provided address or email to:    Please name the files with your full given name.

We do not have a fax

7 day massage courses requires payment in full upon registration  $975 + provincial taxes

The Vertebral Realignment course requires payment in full upon registration  $700 + provincial taxes

6 week advanced massage courses requires a deposit of $1250 with remaining balance paid 2 weeks prior to the course start date


Application form – click the link below:

Application Form





If a facility requires a waiver, all participants must also sign their waiver

Sorry, we live in a world where we need to have waivers…


Everyone must fill out the Release and Waiver of Liability form below

The dates of both the registrant and witness must be the same

If you do not have a witness, do not send the form as it must be filled out again at the course.

Extra forms are available at the course if you do not have a witness

You may not fill it out the form on the computer – ink only is accepted


Do not fill out the form below if you are over 18 as Sidonia must act as witness.  

If you fill out this form, you will only have to redo it at the course.

The form is only here for you to read and understand that it is required to be filled out at the course. 

The form will be provided at the course.


                 Only for students who are under 18 

It must be completed by parent/guardian prior to the course.

Payment methods:


Cheques, Money orders:

If you choose payment via cheque or money order, payment is made payable to:   Sidonia McIntyre

The massage and vertebral realignment courses require payment in full plus applicable provincial taxes

The taxes are calculated based on the province the course is taught and not the registrants home province.

The advanced massage course requires a deposit and a post dated cheque for the balance of payment.

The schedule for payment is listed on the application form.

If you prefer to use on line banking, please see below for options.


on line banking policy:

There are 2 methods of accepted on line payment:

E-Transfer (on line banking payment) and PayPal

E-Transfer: (on line banking):

If you prefer to do a bank transfer, you will need to log onto your own on line banking account and add my name and e-mail address

to your list of e-transfer recipients (payees)

Sidonia McIntyre    (copy and paste please)

You will need to create a password for me to use in order to deposit funds.  Please remember to e-mail me the password -thank you!

If the funds do not show immediately as a debit on your account, then the payment was not successful.


In order to use the on line payment service to pay with your credit card – you must create a PayPal account first.  If you do not have one, once you click on the payment click-through below, you will be prompted to go through the steps to create your account.  There is no direct billing of credit cards available – PayPal is the only method of using a credit card.

If you are using the PayPal service below, you will receive an immediate e-mail from PayPal confirming the transaction.  If you do not receive an e-mail from PayPal, the payment was incomplete.  It will also show as an immediate debit from your credit card or bank account.

Once I receive e-mail confirmation form PayPal, then you will receive an e-mail from me with your homework – usually within 24 hours

PayPal charges the end user a fee for this service.  While not exorbitant, it has added up as more and more people are using this service to the

point that this fee can no longer be carried.

If you choose to use PayPal, there is a fee added to the balance as follows:

massage course is $975 + applicable taxes + $35 fee to be added to the total

Vertebral Realignment course:  $700 + applicable taxes + $20 fee to be added to the total – Only graduates from the massage course may register for the VR course.  The VR course is included in the Advanced Massage Course. 

Advanced 6 week course:  $120 fee to be added to the total – $60 due with each payment:

Deposit of $1250 + $60 fee = $1310

Remaining balance + $60

The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

Should a course be cancelled, the entire course fee, along with the on line fee will also be returned in their entirety.
If you are using on line method, you will receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours confirming receipt of payment along with the homework log in access code.


If you wish to use your credit card, you must register with

Paypal.  There is no direct credit card payment option available


Click here to PAY ONLINE!