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text only please as I do not answer my phone while I am teaching.

Please use the e-mail for general inquiries.

If the course you wish to enroll in is within 72 hours, you can text and e-mail.

Email:  Please read the information below for quick answers to the most commonly asked questions.  If you have a cell phone, please visit the iPhone friendly link that is located on the homepage.  This will save you quite a bit of time waiting for an answer!

Every single course location is on the web site with the course schedule.  If a course indicates “open” then you may submit your application

Please be sure to check your e-mail address is correct, as I reply to e-mails promptly. If you have not received an e-mail response within 3 days, please try to either resend your e-mail and/or check your spam file. 

You may also text me at: 519-562-9992 if the course you wish to enroll in a course that is starting in 72 hours or less.  As I work in some remote areas, I may not receive your text until I have service, so please be patient.

From time to time issues do arise in our wonderful world of computers. If you encounter any problems with this page or if the e-mail comes back to you, please e-mail me directly by copy/paste:

If you are e-mailing me from your e-mail account and not from this secure web site, please type ‘equine massage course’ in the subject line, as I delete all suspected spams.

As I receive many e-mails with similar questions, I hope that the information below will help in answering your question prior to sending me an e-mail. My goal is to provide sufficient information – regarding all courses – on the web site so that you do not need to e-mail and wait for a response. Certainly, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail.

I begin to post each year’s course schedule between September-November for the following year. I cannot give anyone course date information for the following year until that time. As soon as courses are confirmed, they will be posted.

The class minimum size is 6. The maximum size is usually between 16-20 depending on the facility.

I do not and will not share how many people are currently enrolled in any class.  This number can change and it has no bearing on anyone’s ability or decision as to whether they should or should not register for any courses.

When a class is posted as ‘open for registration’ there are spaces in the class.  If the class is posted as ‘closed for registration’ there are no spaces left in the class.  You may contact Sidonia and be put on the cancellation list.

What is the difference between the massage course and the advanced massage course? Please read the information on the advanced course information page as this question is answered fully.   click on : Courses – 6 week course – 6 week course information

All facilities provide the horses for the course. It is not necessary for anyone to bring their own horse to any of the courses I offer.

If you wish to bring your horse and the facility allows outside horses to be brought onto the property, their contact information will be listed on the course locations page. You must contact the facility owner and make prior arrangements and be prepared to bring sufficient hay for your horse as a change in feed may bring about colic.  If the course is listed as “closed herd” this means that no outside horses are permitted on site.

If RV/camping is permitted at the facility, this information will also be listed just below the course information and you must contact the facility and make arrangements.  If there is no number listed on the page, then the facility does not permit outside horses to be brought onto the property and does not permit camping.

The minimum age of a student must be 16 or turning 16 during the year – e.g. if the course is in June and your birthday is in December and you will be turning 16, then you may sign up for the course. Depending on horse experience, pony club, riding club and grades in school, I have permitted a few people to take the course if they are 15.

Please take the time to read not only the home page (the page that opens first when you enter the site), but also the FAQ page. This page has questions that people have asked me and there is quite a bit of information posted. I have done this for your benefit so that the information is up front and accessible 24/7/365

The cost of the equine massage course is $995 + applicable taxes where the course is being held and not where the person resides if the person is from out of province, they pay the amount of tax in the province the course is taught.

The cost of the Advanced course is $3750 + GST/HST

The cost of the Vertebral Realignment course is $800 + GST/HST  Only graduates of the 7 day class taught by Sidonia may apply for this course – no exceptions.

If you have additional questions, please do feel free to send an e-mail below.

Thank you!

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