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Please be sure that you are able to commit to the course prior to registration.

COVID-19 Special Considerations:”

If a facility requires either proof of vaccination or proof of a current negative test, the student is responsible for submitting this paperwork to the facility.  At this time, only the courses in Edmonton, AB require this paperwork; however it is up to the student to keep abreast of all posted information on the Homepage of the EquineRehab web site as all information will be posted on this page.

If you are sick, do not come to class.  If you are sick, your full payment or deposit will be refunded.

Cancellation due to anxiety over the idea of coming into contact with others, having a loved one at home who is susceptible, having children, etc. will not be deemed to be a reasonable reasons to cancel attendance.   Holding a spot in a class with the ‘I’ll wait and see’ mentality takes a spot away from someone who is willing to commit. It also creates a situation where I, as the instructor am confirming classes only to have the class numbers fall below the minimum of 6 students – which puts a class into jeopardy of being taught.  This is unfair to those people who have committed their time to their homework, made arrangements for the care of their family/farm/pets and have taken precious time off work, unfair to the facilities who have set aside time for the course to be taught at their farm or association, and lastly, it is unfair to the instructor.  It is only fair to be considerate to everyone involved in the process.

“Cancellation and Refunds Policy”

Should a course be cancelled by Sidonia, only the registrants that are registered in the course at the time of cancellation will be entitled to any refund of monies.

Said registrants will be entitled to all monies paid. (Yes, this includes the $100 non-refundable deposit)

Any person that cancels prior to a cancellation of a course will not be entitled to a refund. (Yes, this is the $100 non-refundable deposit)

Please be courteous to others, and inform Sidonia via e-mail the moment you know you cannot attend, as there may be a cancellation list and another person may be waiting for an opening.

If a person does not show up for a course, the entire course fee is forfeit.

Should a person not finish the course for any reason, there will be no refund of any portion of the course fee.

The person may be able to make up the time in another course; however there will be a minimum fee of $100 which will be paid prior to attendance in another class.

The decision to allow a student to make up the time will be solely at Sidonia’s discretion.

If a registrant must cancel their attendance, an e-mail must be send to Sidonia at: [email protected] informing Sidonia of the cancellation. You must receive a return e-mail from Sidonia confirming your cancellation in order to solidify your cancellation – this is proof of your cancellation.

Emergency Cancellations:

If a registrant needs to cancel their attendance in a course due to an emergency, the registrant will inform Sidonia via e-mail of the nature of the emergency. If the emergency is truly an emergency, then the registrant will be entitled to the refund of the deposit.

Reasons for emergencies will be assessed by Sidonia McIntyre.

She is the final authority in these matters.

Inability to get time off work, inability to find someone to watch the farm or children, hay cutting, round-up, conflict due to any event, unexpected expenses, lack of funding, anxiety due to the course or separation from family, enrolling in another program where there is a conflict in the dates, are all unacceptable reasons.

It is my intention to make people responsible for the courses they have enrolled in, as we all rely on each other to make the courses move forward. People book their vacation time in order to attend these classes, make arrangements for the care of their farm, horses and children (not necessarily in that order), study their homework in preparation for the courses and look forward to learning – even the facilities have made arrangements for the courses. Cancellations and last minute cancellations lead to cancelled classes – this is unfair to everyone that is serious about taking the course. If the penalties are very stiff for cancelling, then it is my hope that cancellations will become non existent, except in the instances of true emergencies. I do not want to be an ogre about this, but I do want to protect the interests of the people that have made the commitment to attend and the facilities that have allowed the courses to be taught at their farms and associations. A great deal of thought and prayer has gone into this policy. I have not taken this lightly and it is my hope that everyone reading this will understand the reasons behind this strict implementation of policy.

Transfer of Location by registrant: 

If you wish to transfer to another 7 day massage or vertebral realignment course – 16 calendar days or more prior to the date in which you are enrolled you may do so without impunity.  You will receive a notice of transfer via e-mail – this is your proof of the transfer of application.

If you wish to transfer to another advanced massage therapy course – 31 calendar days or more prior to the date in which you are enrolled you may do so without impunity.  You will receive a notice of transfer via e-mail – this is your proof of the transfer of application.

Be abundantly clear about your decision to either cancel or transfer your application to another course.  Sending an e-mail suggesting the ‘idea’ of transferring, ‘checking with my boss’, ‘thinking about’ are not considered to be solid decisions and no cancellation or transfer will be made.

“I need to cancel my attendance in ______________ (course location and date)”

“I  would like to transfer my attendance from __________________________(course location and date)  to _______________________(course location and date)”.

A reply e-mail will be sent indicating either the cancellation or the change in course registration. If you have not received such an e-mail, then your registration is still active for the course.  I also keep records of these transmissions for my reference and records.

Transfer of registration less than 15 calendar days prior to either the 7 day massage or vertebral realignment start date are considered to be a cancellation.

Transfer of registration less than 30 calendar days prior to advanced 6 week massage therapy course start date is considered to be a cancellation.

Transfer of application from registrant to another person:

A registrant may transfer their registration to another person prior to the start of the course. An application form and waiver must be completed by the new registrant.   An e-mail indicating the transfer request must be sent by the original registrant.  A reply e-mail will be sent to the original registrant indicating the approved transfer of application.

Course Confirmation:

All registrants will receive an e-mail informing them of the status of the class approx. 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.

It is not the responsibility of Sidonia McIntyre to ensure that the e-mail is received by the recipient. Please be sure to list the correct e-mail on your application form, inform Sidonia of any changes to your e-mail account and to check your e-mails (and spam folders)  If you have not received your confirmation e-mail, please e-mail Sidonia immediately at: [email protected]

Late arrivals:

Registrants arriving late will need to join the class in progress.  Sidonia is not obligated to teach said late arrival any information taught during the time of absence.

Gifts and prizes

Should a person receive any course or portion of the course as a gift or a raffle prize, the recipient of said gift/prize, must sign and have witnessed a waiver/release form, abide by all course safety protocol and be prepared for class with the on-line homework.  There is no cash value and no monies will be refunded for any reason.

NSF Fees:

Should a cheque be returned for any reason, there will be an a charge of $25.

Personal Horses:

Personal horses used in the course: Participants must have approval from the facility. Any horses which are brought in for use in the course must be well mannered. The owner is responsible for the health and well being of their animal and as such, will bring sufficient hay for the entirety of the course, or enough to mix together with the facility’s hay. This is so that the animal’s chances of developing a change in feed colic will be reduced. Any fees charged to the owner for boarding will be arranged in advance with the host facility.


As any agreement is not binding with a minor, a parent/guardian must sign an application form to: give permission for the attendance of the minor; to waive all liabilities for said minor; and to enter into an agreement with Sidonia McIntyre/The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies. The agreement is between the guardian and Sidonia McIntyre/The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies and the course is viewed as a gift to the minor.

Neither Sidonia McIntyre nor The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies will be held liable for any expenses incurred (airline ticket cancellation, accommodation cancellation, car rental etc.) should a class be cancelled either prior to or within 15 calendar days prior to the course start date.