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The Edmonton facility does not have cabin space, but there may be space available for RV/trailer – no electricity

please contact Diane at:



2018 courses


Edmonton, AB, 2018

August 06-10, 13-17, 20-24, 27-31, Sept 03-07, 10-14 – open

This is a closed herd facility – absolutely no outside horses may be brought for this course

RV space is available.  Please contact Diane David at


Guelph, ON

October 22-26, 29-November 02, 05-09-, 12-16, 19-23, 26-30


Kamloops, BC

April 02-06, 09-13, 16-20, 23-27, 30-May-04, 07-11 – open

There are only 12 spaces in this class

This facility does allow students to bring their horses – boarding fees apply.

There is shared cabin space available at this facility for very reasonable rates.

For boarding and cabin rentals only please contact:

Janice Jarvis at:


In compliance with PCTIA, all courses at the Kamloops location are listed as following:

Spring Session:

Introduction to massage:  39 hours  April 02-05

Prerequisite – on line homework

Horsemanship lesson 1: 6 hours – April 06

Advanced equine massage: 39 hours April 09-12

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage

Horsemanship lesson 2  – 6 hours, April 13

Prerequisite Horsemanship lesson 1

Safety and handling of the horse:  18 hours  April 02-13

Prerequisite:  ongoing within massage and advanced massage

Vertebral Realignment:  39 hours   April 16-20

Prerequisite:  on line homework

Horsemanship lesson 3: 4 hours – April 20

Prerequisite Horsemanship lessons 1& 2

Cerebral spinal fluid work (CSF):  16 hours  April 23, 24

Prerequisite:  intro. to massage, advanced massage

Deep fascia release techniques:  8 hours  April 25

Prerequisite: Into. to massage, advanced massage, CSF

Saddle Fit:  8 hours    April 26

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Safety and handling of the horse

Horsemanship lesson 4:  4 hours  April 27

Prerequisite Horsemanship lesson 1, 2 & 3

Gait analysis:  24 hours:  April 30- May 3

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Safety and handling of the horse, Saddle fit

Horsemanship lesson 5:  6 hours:  May 07

Prerequisite Horsemanship lesson 1, 2, 3 & 4

Palpation and painting of skeleton and muscles:  8 hours   May 10

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Gait analysis, Saddle fit, Safety and Handling

Business Acumen:  12 hours  April 10, 24, May  05, 09

Prerequisite:  Introduction to massage, Advanced equine massage, Vertebral Realignment

Final test:  May 11  Utilizing all components of each course offered, students are required to assess and work upon a horse based on the horse’s needs.

All courses must be completed in order to receive the certificate. 

No certificate will be issued for individual courses. 

All courses must be completed within a 12 month period for certification.

Deposits for all courses may be combined in one payment of:  $1250 with the remaining balance of $14898.95 paid 2 weeks prior to the course start date