3 Courses are offered:

7 day classes

Cost:  $900 + Prov. Tax

course dates are posted below and also under:

courses – massage – massage course dates

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Payment in full upon registration


6 week courses

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Kamloops BC, Edmonton AB, Guelph, ON

Early registration (3 months prior to the course start):

$2999 + GST or HST

Late registration (less than 3 months prior to the course start):

$3499 + GST or HST

course dates are posted on line under:

courses – 6 week course – 6 week dates

The 7 day massage course and the Vertebral Realignment courses

are both taught in the 6 week advanced course.

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Deposit of $1250 upon registration;

remaining balance 2 weeks prior to course start date


Vertebral Realignment

Prerequisite is the 7 day massage course

Cost:  $600 + Prov. Tax

Payment in full upon registration

The prerequisite for the Vertebral Realignment course is the

7 day massage course taught by Sidonia – no exceptions.

All course information is posted under:

courses – Vertebral Realignment  – VR course information

Course dates are posted under:

course – Vertebral Realignment – VR Dates


on line via on line banking – payment is sent to:


PayPal – click on the PayPal icon at the bottom of the

‘application form’ tab – additional fees are charged for this service

Mailed in application form – cheque or money order

Application form

This form is located under the ‘application form’ tab, then click

on the ‘application form’ button in blue link

The form may be printed and mailed

printed and scanned and e-mailed

printed, take a picture with your phone and e-mailed

e-mail address for application forms is sent:



2017 Massage Schedule

Edmonton, AB   March 25-31 – closed

Kamloops, BC – Advanced course

April 03-May 12.   Mon-Fridays, 8am-5pm – closed

Ladysmith, BC (V. Island) May 13-19 – open

Prince Albert, SK  May 21-27 – open

Grande Prairie, AB  May 29-June 04 – open

Guelph, ON  June 12-18 – open

Ardoise, NS .. June 19-25 – open

Hamilton, ON  June 26-July 02 – open

Langley, BC July 30-Aug 05 – open

Edmonton, AB – Advanced course

Aug 07-Sept 15 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm – open

Calgary, AB  Sept 16-22  – open

Regina, SK Sept 23-29 – open

Edmonton, AB  Sept 30-Oct 06 – open

Oct 09-15 – London (Mossley), ON – open

Oct 16-22 – Guelph, ON – open

Oct 23-29  – Ottawa, ON – open

Oct 30-Dec 08 – Guelph Advanced Massage Course

Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm – open

Where are courses located?

Every single course location is posted on the web site

For example, to locate Edmonton massage course, go

to the homepage and at the top of the page click:

courses – massage – 7 day locations – Edmonton

Just follow the grey arrows!


If possible, please view the web site on a larger device

like an iPad, tablet, laptop, computer.

This iPhone friendly page was created for quick reference information only

All course information is already posted on the web site for you, the

horse lover who is looking for a natural way to help the horses.

Read the information about the courses and what is offered

so you will be fully informed. The homepage has all the 7 day course

information posted and the advanced course has its own link.  Go

to the homepage and click on:

courses – 6 week Course – 6 week information

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail

anytime by clicking on the ‘contact’ section