A few months ago, Renee (our son Mark’s fiancé), found a lump in her breast.  After a biopsy, it was indeed found to be cancerous.  After a lumpectomy and biopsy of lymphatic tissues, more cells were found in the lymphatic tissues – but this was caught in time!

Renee is now going through chemotherapy for a 16 week course and is doing very well!

In support of Renee, the mother of my grandson and a fellow woman, I have decided to shear off my long locks on July 02, 2013; but I want to make this more than just solidarity with this wonderful young lady who I will be able to call my daughter next year when she and my son wed, I wanted this to help others.

For those who know me personally, you know that I am supportive of various projects:  WETRA (therapeutic riding association), WMAD (women making a difference – water projects in Ghana, support of education of the Trokosi women), The Wel-Come House in Windsor, Bethel Gospel Church in Edmonton, AB (my brother George is one of the deacons – this is our connection!) and also the QD Youth Program (education/help for victims of sexual assault).  So many programs that truly need support…. I decided to devote all donations toward the QD Youth Program.  You can get more information about the program at: 

www. queensdaughter.net/home.asp

Breast cancer research is now front and centre and has millions of dollars donated each year toward research –I think that is awesome!  I wanted to donate to a lesser known, and sadly far too commonly needed program; a program that is there to educate and support the youth and communities about sexual assault.  Creating a safe place for youth to ask the really hard questions and having someone who will actually give the answers, a woman who has the life experience of having a life after such a traumatic occurrence.  Melissa also counsels free of charge to literally hundreds of survivors each year that need the support of a fellow survivor. 

If you wish to make a donation, you may do so in 3 ways: 

On line via my web site www.equinerehab.ca  by clicking on the ‘application form’ button – this is a PayPal service only;

or you may use a bank transfer to my e-mail address:  equinerehab@xplornet.com (please copy and paste); 

or you may mail a cheque to my home address:  Sidonia McIntyre  2776 South Talbot Rd  Cottam, ON N0R 1B0. Made out to me and I will put all donations together for one (hopefully!) large cheque. 


Renee and me – pre-buzz cut!

Jack – getting his cut last week

Jack – getting his cut last week

Renee and Braden – busy mom! (he’s still got 4 more teeth to cut!) – note the ultra cute farmer’s coveralls with his red tractor! Of course Nana knows how to dress her little ‘country buddy’!


I will post my picture on my web site under ‘Sidonia’s ongoing volunteer projects’ located at the bottom of the web site – with the tally too! 

My hair is also being donated to “Locks of Love”.

I thank you in advance for your support and ask that you certainly pass this information on!