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At this time, there are no courses scheduled – 2015 massage and VR classes have kept me very busy!

The exploration of the anatomy of the horse along with the dynamic relationship that is created between horse and rider is very exciting!

Learning how the horse’s body moves and the interplay between the skeleton, the muscles, ligaments, tendons and the all important Nuchal and Supraspinous Ligaments is something that every rider can benefit from as they strive to aid their horse’s ability to move freely.

Saddle fit instruction is also explored in this course as proper fit is tantamount to proper movement.

Learning how a horse’s body moves in conjunction with equipment that used in various disciplines and how we, as riders, can aid the horse’s ability to move to its full potential is the goal.

Courses will begin to be offered in 2016 in select locations and will be offered as a 2 day clinic on a Saturday and Sunday.

Courses will be posted beginning in October 2015.