Course fees:


7 day massage

$975 + provincial tax


6 week massage

$3499 + provincial tax


vertebral realignment

$700 + provincial tax

Payment choices:



Payment is made to:

This is an auto-deposit account, no password is required

cheque, money order

May be mailed, provided payment is received no later than 5 business days

prior to the course start date.

Payment is made payable to:

Sidonia McIntyre

2776 South Talbot Rd, Cottam, ON   N0R 1B0

Credit card/PayPal:


There is no direct billing of credit cards available – PayPal is the only method of using a credit card.

In order to use the on line payment service to pay with your credit card – you must create a PayPal account first.

There is a click through at the bottom of this page.

Additional fees for using PayPal

PayPal charges the end user a fee for this service.  While not exorbitant, it has added up as more and more people are using this service to the

point that this fee can no longer be carried.

If you choose to use PayPal, there is a fee added to the balance as follows:

7 day massage course:  $975 + applicable taxes + $35 fee to be added to the total

Vertebral Realignment course:  $700 + applicable taxes + $20 fee to be added to the total – Only graduates from the massage course may register for the VR course.  The VR course is included in the Advanced Massage Course. 

Advanced 6 week course:  $120 fee to be added to the total – $60 due with each payment:

Deposit of $1250 + $60 fee = $1310

Remaining balance + $60

The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

Should a course be cancelled, the entire course fee, along with the on line fee will also be returned in their entirety.
If you are using on line method, you will receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours confirming receipt of payment along with the homework log in access code.